January 5, 2009


Welcome to Petit Four Press, a new blog that aims to be your one-stop shop for the latest Lolita fashion info!

If you don't know what Lolita is, the short version is something along the lines of "a distinctive and feminine Japanese street fashion that prizes quality and modesty."

For those of you who do know what it is (and who this blog is for), here's what this experiment is all about: For a month or so, I'm going to attempt to update daily or near daily with at least one current sale, update, or piece of news for a Japanese or Western brand, as well as the occasional "soft feature", like interviews, profiles, and so on. I'd like Petit Four to be a helpful resource for international Lolitas looking for bargains, news and info all in one place, provided by a Lolita for Lolitas. :)

Hopefully this blog will provide a unique service to the community, as with other Lolita blogs you tend to have more of a lifestyle bent, whereas you will hear and see very little of me and my life here (nothing wrong with lifestyle blogs, of course, but that's not going to be my focus).  Other Lolita resources, like magazines and emagazines, aren't updated as frequently, and the popular EGL community on LiveJournal isn't as filtered for news-only items.

Why am I doing this? I like sharing information and helping people out, and I need practice retaining the Japanese I've learned but no longer use. This may end up being way too much work, but I love a challenge and you never know until you try. :)

If you have anything you'd really like (or not like!) to see in this blog, feel free to comment and let me know. Please also let me know if someone is doing exactly this and I've missed it somehow, or if there are blogs, brands, or people you think would be interesting for me to profile here.

Thank you for reading and wish me luck!


  1. Great idea for a blog! It's going to take a lot of effort but the lolita community will be so grateful for up-to-date news.
    Good Luck!

  2. Thank you very much! Yeah, I'm keeping it to a month-long experiment for now to make sure I haven't bitten off more than I chew, but we'll see. Thanks again and Happy New Year! :)