January 22, 2009

Mary Magdalene New Pre-Order Items

Mary Magdalene is accepting preorders until 11am (Japan time) on January 27 for its "Elodie Doll* Blouse", "Elodie Doll* JSK", and "Claudette One Piece". All three will be produced and ready by late April. Payment is due by February 6. (If you're in Japan and ordering through the Japanese site, your initial payment is due by then with the rest due by March 13).

For international Lolitas, they have a reservation instruction page in English for preorders (click "For Oversea"), and they also, of course, accept overseas orders!

(* The original name is "Erodido-ru" in katakana, so "Elodie Doll" is my unofficial guess at what that means.)


  1. oh those are so adorable! I'm glad you updated with these because I often forget to check MM for updates!