January 18, 2009

New Feature: Meet-Up Calendar

Lots of meet-ups go on every month around the world, giving Lolitas a chance to meet new friends and old in fun get-togethers with fellow lovers of the fashion. Many girls talk about how they never know about meet-ups happening in their area until it's too late, and organizers sometimes wonder how to get the news of their meet-ups to more people.

So I thought I'd try starting a new feature here at Petit Four Press, a meet-up calendar of sorts. It'll be a monthly list of upcoming get-togethers (which I will be happy to post updates to throughout the month as information is sent in), and the calendar post will be easy to find, linked from the side bar of this blog's front page. Like the blog itself, this will be an experiment of sorts, so we'll see how it goes!

If you'd like to see your February meetup listed next week (the last week of January), please send along the following information to petit.four.blog@gmail.com (leaving the dots in). Here's an example of what to send, and what will be posted:

Location (City/State or Province/Country): Houston, Texas, USA

Date: 2/14

Type of Meet-Up: Picnic/Formal/Casual/Going to See a Movie/You Get the Idea

Organizer/Contact: User "Bluebell_Icecream" on Livejournal.com (or an email address)

Extra notes: (Intro line or two about Houston meet-ups and organizer, or dress code, or reminder about venue ticket prices, etc.)

Please pass this along to anyone you think would be interested, and thanks for reading!