January 21, 2009

Marui Stores Remodel, Lolita Shops Relocate

Shinjuku shopping mall and Lolita mecca MaruiYoung/MaruiOne is closing down today, as well as other Shinjuku Marui locations, and will reopen February 27, while MaruiCity-2 will reopen on February 20. Update: Please note Marui City 2 has been renamed "Marui One" for its new opening, with the old, different Marui One now called Marui Curren.

A mass exodus will take place, putting nearly all the brands you know and love at the MaruiCity-2 location (to be called Marui One) in time for its February 20th opening.

Algonquins will be leaving the Marui stores for good, while Emily Temple Cute and Jane Marple will remain open during the remodeling through temporary stores at MaruiCity-1.

Here's the full list of Lolita, Goth and related brands:

Relocating to MaruiCity-2, and opening on the 20th:

-Alice and the Pirates
-alice auaa
-Angelic Pretty
-Black Peace Now
-h. Naoto
-Jesus Diamante
-Kera Shop Arena
-Kera Shop Angel
-Metamorphose temps de fille
-Moi Meme Moitie (will reopen inside Kera Shop Angel store)
-Peace Now
-Sexy Dynamite London
-sixh (will be inside the h. Naoto shop)

Staying open through a temporary shop in MaruiCity-1 until opening late February in MaruiCity-2:

-Emily Temple Cute
-Jane Marple

Closing down for good (at least in connection to the Marui department stores):


For future shopping reference, here's an English-language map of the various Maruis around Shinjuku and more detailed information on how to get there with MaruiCity-1 and 2's current English-language store info brochure. Happy shopping!


  1. I wonder how long the whole thing will take? And will they be making the gothic/lolita/alternative clothing area bigger or smaller? I hope they don't change it too much cause MaruiOne had a certain charm.

  2. The remodeling will be done by late February when the stores open, from the look of it. As it looks like they're taking the entire Lolita/Goth/punk section and moving it to MaruiCity-2, it's hard to say how big the new stores will be or how much of MaruiCity-2 they'll take up.

    In the past Marui moved all of these type of brands from their own entire building to MaruiYoung's three floors, so they have been reduced in size in the past. Here's hoping they're expanding, though! Or at least keeping it the same.