January 11, 2009

Community Feature: "Lolita 2009" Calendar

If you're looking for a pretty calendar for the new year, check out the Lolita 2009 calendar, a lush collection of photos from Spanish photographer and Lolita Irene Orozko.

The cover and two of the 12 monthly photos:

This week I had the chance to interview Irene about the calendar, Lolita, and her photography. Read on for Halloween scares, a call for collaborators, and more!

Your beautiful calendar features all Western Lolitas, and the international community response to it has been overwhelmingly positive. Did that response surprise you?

Usually, photoshoots have a very good reception among the international community, but I’ve been very surprised with all the support people have given to my calendar: I didn’t expect it at all. It’s the best reward when people like what you do.

How did you get into photography?

I think it was almost four years ago, around the same time I heard of Lolita. I’ve been into art since I was very little, and back then I was going through a time of changes and self-discovery, so for me, photography was finding a new way to express myself and my thoughts. I wanted to create beauty.

How long have you been into Lolita?

As I said, almost four years: I got into it when I was 15. Time goes by fast, no doubt about it!

What was the first photo you took that you were really proud of?

One of the very first pictures I took: My best friend was in it. But if I had to mention a more recent one, I think it’d be "Snow White," which is also featured as the November photo in my calendar.

This calendar came from a class project, you've said. Will you do more Lolita prints or calendars in the future?

I have no doubts about it! Lolita is undeniably tied to my life, and in a way, it influences my view of beauty. I’m very looking forward to working with more Lolitas in the future, so if anyone’s interested in collaborating with me, don’t hesitate to contact me!

Do you have any favorite photos or funny stories about any of the shoots that went into the calendar?

Oh yes! For the Halloween shoot we were inside the building I live in, and my friend Paola had to lie down on the stairs of the entrance hall. Apart from lights switching off all the time (that drove me crazy and had me running all over the place), every now and then a neighbour would come in and freak out, and I had to explain I was there taking pictures. I suppose a pink-haired girl playing dead, surrounded by sweets, is not something you see everyday. *laughs*

Do you have any advice for people who'd like to go to school for photography?

I just started school myself, so there’s little I can say about it yet. But for becoming a better photographer I know that working hard, researching, reading, trying and practicing a lot is the best advice I can give, I think.

Thank you, Irene! For more of her photography, you can check out her gallery here. Happy 2009!

All images © Irene Orozko (http://gurololi.deviantart.com/) and used with permission.

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