January 14, 2009

Juliette et Justine Happy Bags On Sale Now

Japanese brand Juliette et Justine, known for their detailed Classic looks, has two types of Happy Bags (lucky packs) available now! (Shopping service needed for overseas customers.)

One is a skirt set for 50,000 yen, which comes with a bolero, two cutsews (one a summer-style short sleeve), skirt, and an "original novelty". You can choose an M(1) or L(2) size and the overall color theme of the pack (Set A is khaki, Set B black).

The second is an OP set for 45,000 yen, and comes in the same color and size options. It includes a dress, bolero, two cutsews (one a summer-style short sleeve) and an "original novelty" item.

To see more of the items included, you can click on the blue links near the end of each page. ("Princesse dans forĂȘt bolero", "Bourgeon de rose" and "Ruban secret jupe.") Each detail page also has a small paragraph in English describing the item.

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