January 27, 2009

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Merry Sweet Castle Fair

And I'm back, after my computer woes! Thanks again for your patience. :)

Today Baby the Stars Shine Bright begins selling their Merry Sweet Castle line, which includes a skirt and S, M and L size JSK (bust up to 103 cm, waist up to 88 cm on the L size).

And to celebrate Merry Sweet Castle, it's novelty time! Beginning January 30, if your online order totals 30,000 yen or more, you'll get a cute three-charm Merry Sweet Castle necklace for free with your order. The last photo on the linked page, of the entire necklace, shows everything photographed separately all put together.

For those of you in Japan or using in-person shopping services, you can start collecting the individual charms by spending just 6,000 yen at any Baby store (you can choose the carriage or the pony charm). For 12,000 yen you get both charms, and for 18,000 you get the castle charm and necklace. For 24,000 yen you can get either the carriage or pony charm plus the castle necklace. And as with the online orders, for 30,000 yen or more you get the entire set.

As with all novelty items, these will only be available until they sell out.


  1. Oooh, thanks for the info! This might be a good excuse to get some of those A&tP blouses and Baby JSKs I've been coveting... :D

  2. You're welcome! Just call me the enabler. ;)