February 19, 2009

Marui One - Final Store Details and Grand Opening Offers!

The Marui brand of department stores likes to shift things around every few years regarding their Shinjuku branches, and Friday the 20th will reopen the former Marui City 2 as Marui One, featuring many of the Lolita and Goth brands you know and love. The former Marui One is now Marui Curren, as a side note.

Here's the full shop list in the new Marui One. You can click on different floors to see the exact layout.

What you'll find on each floor:

1. Funky Street Star, Kaijuu Buruu, Kasuu Studio, Space One and One Labo (event spaces), Quolomo

2. Code Headwear, Crisp, FRUiTS MiX,Yellow 96

3. Cantwo, Emily Temple Cute, Nanea, Peach Club

4. Jesus Diamante, LeLe Junie Moon, Kanzashi-ya Wargo, Mamechiyo Modern, Rou Rou

5. Two shoe sections, Alice Auaa, Artherapie, Excentrique, Jane Marple

6. Alice and the Pirates, Black Peace Now, h. Naoto (with their sub-brand sixh now inside the Naoto store rather than on its own), Peace Now, Sexy Dynamite London

7. Angelic Pretty, Atelier Boz, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Girls’ Room (event space), Kera Shop Angel (with Moi Meme Moitie inside it rather than on its own), Metamorphose

8. Kera Shop Arena, Zealink

3-1-20 Shinjuku
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo


How to get there:
It’s a short-ish walk from Shinjuku Station. On this older English map, you’re heading for the spot marked 01 (Marui) City 2 (which has since been renamed to 01 (Marui) One).

Who has special Grand Opening offers?

All of the brands offering special items or deals for the opening day can be seen and clicked on here.

Lolita/Lolita-friendly brands with offers include:

Atelier Boz
Angelic Pretty
Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Emily Temple Cute
h. Naoto

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