February 8, 2009

Community Feature: Valentine's Day Decor Finds

Much like Halloween for Goths, if you're in a country that celebrates Valentine's Day it can be a great chance for Lolitas, particularly the Sweet variety, to pick up some fun home decor and decorating touches. A few tips for adding a little love to your home this week:

1. Don't wait until the 15th: Start looking around now. Lots of stores are currently discounting their Valentine's merchandise to make room for Easter.

2. Look for more subtle things. "Red plus hearts" usually equals Valentine's Day, but if you look around, you can find more general items that can work year-round. One example is this pink bon-bon handtowel from Target, just over $3.00.

3. Don't think Sweet is your only option: if you look around online, you can find things like this Classic-friendly lavender heart wreath, $9.99, for your wall or door.

4. Check out "normal" stores you wouldn't otherwise look in: while not technically a Valentine's Day item, this JC Penney's 20-piece "Classic Lace" dish set, for $49.99 in their clearance section, would make a cute addition to a Lolita table.

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